Word Crush Monday: Wright

I'm not quite sure where the days are going. It's almost mid-July, and Christmas is racing up on us again. Today I speed-read through two skinny little eBooks, devouring ten-chapter mysteries and guessing correctly on one of them. The other, I had to consciously switch off my  brain. I also solved a code-breaker puzzle which… Continue reading Word Crush Monday: Wright

Day 186

So. I'm back, only not really because all the things I've been planning have sort of gone by the wayside a little bit. A while ago I mentally summarized how the past year has been, or the last six months, or something. I don't really remember it, but I do remember hitting some main keys.… Continue reading Day 186

Vignette (3)

Note: I spy a lot of things while on the bus. It's a run-of-the-mill Wednesday. Nothing stands out especially clearly: sometimes the bus is packed to capacity, but right now it's not and we're zooming towards the station where people will transfer to trains. In the background, at every stop, I can hear the driver… Continue reading Vignette (3)

Changes in Routine

Well... it's a week into March. I'm beginning to find several things out about all the shenanigans I have planned. One, I apparently need to hyper-plan my day because otherwise I get lost down the internets rabbit-hole and then I get not a lot done. Two, I'm at my most inspired when I'm at work.… Continue reading Changes in Routine

Idea Monkeys, Hard At Work

This was going to be a Faux Landlords. I blame the headache; I've had a monster headache today. I'm rather wrecking my blog schedule lately, but I did withdraw my most recent NaNoWriMo effort to begin work on it. Cleanup, new scenery, that kind of thing. I'm still indecisive as to what I should call… Continue reading Idea Monkeys, Hard At Work

Wildcard Monday #28

Okay so tomorrow I start at my new-old job and didn't get it together to organise a proper blog post. Also, I surely have not done 28 of these freewrites on Mondays already, that is just my chaotic nature at work. See, what I like to do when labeling my ideas on my phone's Memo-Pad… Continue reading Wildcard Monday #28

Dear Self…

Dear Writers' Block, I know you. You're like that one kid hiding at the back of the lecture theatre, hanging out all quiet and sneaky-like. Think yourself pretty cool. And then you get yourself all emboldened and move to the front row. I know your little tricks. Hey, Sarah. Here I am. I'll stop you writing… Continue reading Dear Self…