Flotsam and Jetsam

Today, I began a poem. I stopped, and then restarted. I pulled together a stanza, which I liked, and then stopped it.  Tried again. Three stanzas, and I've decided I can't figure out where to bring it to next. Ironic, as it's answering the prompt decision. I decided to go for a different poem, and pulled a… Continue reading Flotsam and Jetsam

Letter to a Habit

For Day Eight of Writing 101: the letter. Dearest Creativity I have yet to decide if you're my best habit or the worst. You have this awesome habit of hanging around me, and I think you're the reason behind 99% of why I question things. What if is my favourite one, I'm sure you know.… Continue reading Letter to a Habit

NaNoWriMo: Inspiration Creek Runs Dry

Today, I'm thinking about NaNoWriMo. Chiefly, I'm thinking about the burnout that can occur if you batter your keyboard too long and too often. Maybe you've sat down, cracked open a can of your favourite drink and a fresh Word Document on November 1; then you gulped down that drink like it was giving you inspiration… Continue reading NaNoWriMo: Inspiration Creek Runs Dry

In The Works

So, you guys. I agonized for a while about what to write because I didn't have an idea, and then I kept getting poem-ideas. The horror, right? I noted them all down like a good organized writer-bee. I ran through prompts and idea listings and nothing appealed. Then the calendar caught my eye. No, I… Continue reading In The Works

The Brainwave

Okay, so I puzzled over this for all of a minute before I decided on my best brainwave. It wasn't that I misunderstood the prompt: quite the opposite. I got it. I do a really good job of having brainwaves. The problem lay in choosing it - and, incidentally, this led me to another one. See? My mind… Continue reading The Brainwave

Stream of Consciousness

It's been a while since I've done one of these, so I've decided to set myself eleven minutes. I'm tuning into (or out of?) my brain, and here is what you get. The cursor is doing its blinky thing, and the screen is maddeningly blank, so... here we are. I can't stand to see the blank… Continue reading Stream of Consciousness

Ready Set Annoyance

I don't like this. Seems the Daily Prompt is recycling the same free-write. There's a number four, so they've offered that up four times within the past couple of months. I'd get into a glary mood but that's too much work, and this whole non-editing thing, that is just going to make me anxious. Bad enough… Continue reading Ready Set Annoyance