Seven Days, Seven Dwarves

Seven Days, Seven Dwarves

A little while ago I came up with a theory. There are seven days in the week and seven dwarves, in Snow White. I had the thought that each dwarf could be assigned to represent a day, as per what the day brings out in a person. I am going by my own experiences here, my own day of the week traits and tendencies.

Monday: Sleepy. This is pretty self-explanatory. I, for one, hate Monday mornings with a passion. I am by no stretch of the imagination a morning person. Most mornings, when one of my parents comes in to say good morning, I either burrow under the covers or sit up enough for a half-maybe quarter-awake greeting. And nine times out of ten I can get away with this, because during the last semester my first class of the day was at midday and I became trained in the art of jumping out of bed, getting dressed and my things together and being on the bus a half hour later, ready for the forty-five minute commute. Now though, I’m done with the semester.

So, Monday is the day of sleepiness. That day when you just want five more minutes to snuggle into the warmth of bed. I find that I’m never fully awake until the afternoon too: I’m most definitely a night person. Those people who are morning people always make me wonder why they manage mornings so efficiently. Is there some kind of secret thing I don’t know about?

Tuesday: Grumpy. Tuesdays are never my favourite day. They are a filler day. Once you hit Wednesday, you’re on the downward slide to the weekend. I like to envision the weekdays as a rather tall hill, or maybe a small mountain. Somewhere late Tuesday evening, you reach the peak of the mountain and then you can only walk downhill. Like a reversed version of the myth of Sisyphus.

Anyway, I tend to get ratty on Tuesdays. They still have a bit of leftover Monday on them, which means I tend to be a bit tired on Tuesday morning. Tuesday is the day where I often like to get a coffee and muffin combo at my favourite coffee cart at university. It just adds a little something to a day which can be quite dull and boring otherwise. I’m not a TV addict, but there’s never anything I like to watch on a Tuesday night, which makes coming home from a long day a bit tedious. For me anyway, I generally don’t watch a lot.

Wednesday: Happy. Wednesday is that day in the middle of the week, the peak of the mountain where you can now start walking downhill. In high school, my PE teacher once referred to it as ‘hump day’, which as you might imagine sparked a few crude jokes from the girls in my class. The thirteen-year-old sense of humour… how I don’t miss it.

I suppose Sisyphus would hate Wednesdays. Since they’re the point at which he manages to push the boulder to the top of the hill, it would therefore be the point at which said boulder then rolled back down. Poor Sisyphus. Also, comedy Wednesday is on. My personal favourite is the Big Bang Theory. It is rather calming to sit down on Wednesday and watch an hour or so of fairly mindless TV, knowing that there’s only two more days until the weekend.

Thursday: Sneezy. I have long associated sneezes with allergies, and I suppose if I were allergic to a day of the week – if that were possible – it would be Thursday. Thursday is another filler day, one which blocks the path to the weekend. On the downward slope that is the Weekly Hill, Thursday sometimes has stumbling blocks or trick paths, that take you in a different direction to where you intend to go.

I have experienced that many a time when I’m writing. I start off and then God knows how much later, I have pages written and cramped hands and it’s actually been hours. The music I had playing has long since stopped and I never noticed. Thursdays are the day for getting confused and distracted, I find. Never trust a Thursday. It might do something totally different to you expect it to.

Friday: Dopey. According to my dictionary, dopey means drowsy or half-asleep. It can, apparently, also mean unintelligent. I find that on a Friday I’m very ready to get home and collapse on my bed. I have never been one for naps – my sleep patterns get out of whack easily enough without sleeping in the middle of the day.

The Weekly Hill loves Fridays. You know how when you’re walking down a mountain or some kind of slope and then the ground gets smoother and then it just evens out and the ground might be a bit gravelly, but otherwise it’s fairly even and just a pleasure to stop walking and stretch your legs. Maybe there’s a nice seat or bench to sit on, and you just drop onto that bench and try not to go to sleep.

Saturday: Doc. As in, doctor. When I was younger, if I needed to go to the doctor or get a prescription, we would go to the doctor on a Saturday morning. I would have to get up a little early, rather than sleeping in as I like to do.

After the doctor, or if there was no need, we’d sometimes go to a Saturday market and browse the stuff. It was always the same, really. Fresh fruit and vegetables, handmade jewellery, soaps and bath stuffs. It was nice. Sometimes we would go out to lunch as well, then come home and enjoy the rest of the Saturday.

Sunday: Bashful. Well, bashful means shy or behaving in a shy manner. As shyness goes, Sunday isn’t exactly shy. It is either the first or the last day of the week, depending on how you look at it. I consider it to be the last day of the week, since Monday is the start of the working/studying week. So, maybe it is a shy day. Or it’s the boldest of the lot, as it’s a prelude to the working week… yes, that’s it. Sunday is the prologue, which means you meet it first. Thus, it can’t be shy. Shy is not in the rulebook.

Also, Sunday on the Weekly Hill is the day where you kind of have a little break and catch your breath. You’re still taking a bit of time from the day-to-day stuff and all that. You have some time to stop, have something to drink, put your feet up.


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