Black and White

He says

It should be easy, straightforward.
She says
It isn’t.

He doesn’t understand her objections
But he’s never thought to ask why
She puts them forward.
He doesn’t know what caused them.

She remembers back a year
Or two ago
When she was (fairly) sure that
She wanted to try something with him.

She remembers the incident with
The smiling villain, the
Stealth Iago.
It colours the present.

He says now that things should be simple
But his memory must’ve been modified
He clearly doesn’t remember that time.
They were out of contact for over a year.

She thinks about it
Over a year that they weren’t in touch
Never speaking, never seeing, never hearing.
The past has tainted now.

She bundles up her thoughts and
Locks them away. She has
Regrets now, and should’ve
Left well enough alone.

2 thoughts on “Black and White”

  1. Ahhhhh… Well, ”well enough” is hardly ever really enough, is it?

    Enjoyed this piece…. Even though it brought back not so great memories…

    Thanks for sharing. =)


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