Cut off quickly, easily
Ostensibly pointless at first
Then for one the reality sinks in.

She called them close to her,
Close enough to be like family.
It wasn’t enough.

Five stages, each should take a while.
She blitzes through them all
Ending on her raw anger.

Armed with a laptop;
Notebook and pens
She works furiously, completing each.

She moves on.
She shuts people out,
Not keen to trust again.

She barely recognizes her own reflection
Some days she stares at the mirror.
Not from conceit, but lack of recognition.

Holidays spent at home, alone.
Even now, she doesn’t wish for a recall.
Fake isn’t something she needs.

An issue with the phone line
To fix it they have to do… something.
The details escape her.

One stands out.
Cut off, easily.
A new start.

The line is fixed
One way of communication gone
With another out of the way, one remains.

Six months pass since ties were severed
She manages to trust someone new
The severance is like a deliverance.

A new start.

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