twenty languages live in this house. they whisper to each other, live.   google translate sits open in a tab, flicking through a myriad.   books line the shelves, tell each other secrets, sharing knowledge - to be learned.


Day 48

Are we that deep into the year already? I looked at a library slip today and the due-back date was in March. It feels weird. I'm doing a free-write tonight to clear the cobwebs because I just spent an hour practicing things on Duolingo and now I have 205 things humming around my mind. This… Continue reading Day 48

Word Crush Wednesday: Sandra Cisneros

I've been thinking a lot about language of late. Quick backstory: ten years ago I began learning German. I was good at it, in my beginner's level class at high school. I liked it, and so I stuck with it. As the years progressed, fewer people took it. By my last year, I was one… Continue reading Word Crush Wednesday: Sandra Cisneros