centre + secret + burn

bury a secret in the centre of the garden - plant a tree on top.   burn a candle each night, use the wick to spark flames in the new fireplace.   cut wood from the tree, burn it and start to unmask the garden's secret.


twenty languages live in this house. they whisper to each other, live.   google translate sits open in a tab, flicking through a myriad.   books line the shelves, tell each other secrets, sharing knowledge - to be learned.

sworn to secrecy (240)

she appears whenever i walk into a room. there's certain criteria of course; the main one is that there needs to be a mirror. it doesn't matter if there isn't a mirror though, a compact will do just fine, (i shattered every compact i had when i found this out) and i've since learned she isn't fussy… Continue reading sworn to secrecy (240)

As If It Were A Secret

Checking in for Day 3 of Writing 101: Single word prompt. I'm picking secret. I like secrets. Not the deep dark life-threatening kind, or the Pretty Little Liars kind. What I like about secrets is how they're hidden - I know. Hideously obvious. It's their nature though, the way you can make anything like a secret. Or you… Continue reading As If It Were A Secret

best-known secrets

there's always room for secrecy. one: there are more stars up in the night sky than i care to admit. like you, it is overwhelming. two: you know just how to unravel something with such care and precision it's painful. winding tighter, just to safeguard. three: lies lead into loss bleeding regret day after day… Continue reading best-known secrets


it's a never ending cycle. the slate is wiped clean. the ocean is the best secret keeper you could find: that's all it knows doing. a path is carved anew. the secret keeper is diligent destroying everything that it meets: that's all i ask for. we tread this path always. at least it feels like… Continue reading inexhaustible

Secrets of a Library

So, today I was browsing the library shelves, as I am wont to do. It's generally a pretty pleasant experience - that is, when there aren't small children treating it as a playground. I grew up on libraries being Quiet Places, where you sit and read and browse. You don't go running and shrieking around.… Continue reading Secrets of a Library