Letters to Euturpe: 65

AKA Sarah's Adventures in HTML. Okay. Breathing quietly now. I am calm. I am bright. Shoot, that sounded remarkably like an egotistical Christmas carol... nah, I'm not starting this post over. Took me ages to remember what number this post is supposed to be. You guys. I had so much trouble with the HTML code tonight and… Continue reading Letters to Euturpe: 65

Letters to Euturpe: 64

It's been very rainy recently, a fact of which I approve wholeheartedly. Good excuse to keep the heater going and a supply of hot chocolate on hand - only I'm finding that the instant variety really is very dreary. Other than that, I've been doing some Cauldron Anthology work; we're about to close off theme-submissions… Continue reading Letters to Euturpe: 64


twenty languages live in this house. they whisper to each other, live.   google translate sits open in a tab, flicking through a myriad.   books line the shelves, tell each other secrets, sharing knowledge - to be learned.

Letters to Euturpe: 39

It doesn't feel like Thursday. I say that a lot, but I'm finding a lot of them feel like Fridays and when I logged into my WordPress dashboard, I honestly blanked for a minute thinking I'd not blogged since Monday. ... In all fairness, I have had a bit of a stressy week. Anyway. This… Continue reading Letters to Euturpe: 39

Three Significant Songs

So it took me a little while to come up with just three songs. I'm pretty careful about music; I like bands that don't top the music charts on a weekly basis. I can't stand inanely repetitive choruses and upbeat pop. Pop's OK, but in small doses. Very small doses, like salt added to a… Continue reading Three Significant Songs

A Stream of Consciousness

Writing 101 Challenge, Day 1. Free Write. Unlock your mind.Unlock your mind, they tell me, for 20 minutes. Apologies in advance, by the way, for any typos or errors. This is, teeth-grindingly to me, unpolished. This is an unusual concept, because I'm used to polishing and editing and scratching out words. This shows deeply, because… Continue reading A Stream of Consciousness

The Wanderer

I'm actually not a traveller, so I'm answering this based on my personality.I could never be someone who roams aimlessly. I'd like to be, but I need maps. I need checklists with headings and subheadings, and I need itineraries. Pretend you dropped me off in France. I would go to the first wi-fi area I could… Continue reading The Wanderer