twenty languages live in this house. they whisper to each other, live.   google translate sits open in a tab, flicking through a myriad.   books line the shelves, tell each other secrets, sharing knowledge - to be learned.

Three Significant Songs

So it took me a little while to come up with just three songs. I'm pretty careful about music; I like bands that don't top the music charts on a weekly basis. I can't stand inanely repetitive choruses and upbeat pop. Pop's OK, but in small doses. Very small doses, like salt added to a… Continue reading Three Significant Songs

A Stream of Consciousness

Writing 101 Challenge, Day 1. Free Write. Unlock your mind.Unlock your mind, they tell me, for 20 minutes. Apologies in advance, by the way, for any typos or errors. This is, teeth-grindingly to me, unpolished. This is an unusual concept, because I'm used to polishing and editing and scratching out words. This shows deeply, because… Continue reading A Stream of Consciousness

The Wanderer

I'm actually not a traveller, so I'm answering this based on my personality.I could never be someone who roams aimlessly. I'd like to be, but I need maps. I need checklists with headings and subheadings, and I need itineraries. Pretend you dropped me off in France. I would go to the first wi-fi area I could… Continue reading The Wanderer

Silence of the Night

I'm not sleeping tonight. The air is humid, a heavy reminder of the summer upon us. The fan on the desk makes noise but produces little cooling effects. 2am, the numbers glow. No-one else is awake and it's just a tad lonely. Music will help. The dark room rejects music though. Even on the lowest… Continue reading Silence of the Night

Oh, Superpowers. Excellent.

Process of elimination from today's prompt sees me picking out my superpower. I wouldn't want to travel through time, because that can get quite complicated and knowing me, I'd be a bit too worried about doing something that would mess up the timeline. I could stop Picasso from painting or the Brontes from writing (the… Continue reading Oh, Superpowers. Excellent.

Aw Crap, Not the Forklift

I finished brushing my hair and checked my lipstick. I looked businesslike and professional, an advantage in case the time machine went wrong. It was ready. For months the physics department had been secretly working on a time machine, reluctantly working with an English major in order to test the proficiency of the machine. The… Continue reading Aw Crap, Not the Forklift

If I Could Do Anything

There have been many things I wish I could do, and some I don't. Then there are the things I can do, and I wish I could group them more neatly. For example: I can write. I can bake and even put a lasagne on the table with only a bit of help. Making a… Continue reading If I Could Do Anything

What A Great Teacher

I feel like I foresaw this prompt. The other day, in Send Away The Audience I mentioned a great tutor I had. She's actually the lecturer and tutor of the smaller groups. For the sake of privacy I won't name names, but she is a good tutor. She seems pretty young, which is always helpful.… Continue reading What A Great Teacher

Come On In. Have a Seat.

Today's question: who do you hope is not reading your blog, and why? made me puzzle it out. In the end, I decided on an answer that might be a bit of a cop-out, though you might have already guessed it from the title. There is no-one. True, I write poems and short stories addressed… Continue reading Come On In. Have a Seat.