So What’s Your Tagline?

When I began this blog the automatic tagline was ‘this blog is the cats pajamas’. I’m quite sure that’s what it said. I wasn’t happy with it though. I worried that people would get the impression that I thought that of my own blog. If I’m to get such statements, I want them to be from my readers. 

So I changed it. My first thought was the fairly random ‘ink spills from my mind’. Truthfully, I wasn’t completely sure what that meant, at first. I figured it sounded good, kind of unique. I broke it down the other day and here was what I came up with. 
Writing. At its core, this blog is writing-centric. Ink spills, well that’s to do with pens and how the ink flows from the pen. I suppose I was imagining a pen that is magically connected to the mind, like the quill used by that reporter woman in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Either way, I guess the tagline I currently have reflects writing. 
I did think of something that would reflect my personality, and then I figured that all taglines would reflect a persons personality. After all, if there is a generic one, maybe that means the person doesn’t have a need to change it, or like me, doesn’t know what to put at first. Some might be funny, some smart, and so on. 
I think I’m going to have to change mine soon. Awesome readers, be warned. 

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