Of Beginnings

When I first began posting to a blog, there wasn't exactly a specific post I planned to write. My first post was an introduction, which I covered in earlier posts. Before I thought about blogging, I had my writing tucked away for no-one to see. It was quite Dickinson of me, I think - Emily Dickinson… Continue reading Of Beginnings

Get Blankets, Tuck Yourself In

A quick story, today, because I intend to answer the Daily Prompt as well.When I created the name for this blog, I spent a lot of time in corners. I would huddle up against the wall in the very back row of the lecture theater or classroom. One time, the air-con was on, and I… Continue reading Get Blankets, Tuck Yourself In

My Blog, 16 Months On

At least, I think it's sixteen months. My maths is wonky, and I've said more than once the maths department isn't losing any sleep over my decision to study English. Hi. I'm Sarah, and I write. Once upon a time I thought I wanted to be a journalist, but that was some time ago and… Continue reading My Blog, 16 Months On