Day 25

I'm having quite a bit of trouble putting fingers to keyboard lately. My mind has quieted right down - I've managed to drum up one or two new ideas, but nothing is pressing on my mind. Nothing's itching at my fingertips. Am considering now a new thing wherein I don't blog daily. I made that as… Continue reading Day 25


Over Coffee (27)

If we were having coffee it'd be in a home environment, I'm not feeling 100% up to having to human today. Can't really handle the people around in a cafe. I'm drinking plain black coffee, no fuss today. I found out that I'm about to finish my job, which is a bummer. I quite like… Continue reading Over Coffee (27)

All Blocked Out

Update on the writer's block, I guess. So far I've managed to chip at a new story, but it's only about 20% of the overall length I have in mind for it. I think I once wanted to be able to turn off my mind, and I've done that very well. I just can't find… Continue reading All Blocked Out

A Quick Realization

So the other day I was muttering about maybe taking a writing break because I'm as inspired as a bag of dry lettuce... turns out, I don't think that is humanly possible. Somehow I've hardwired into my code to blog daily, come hell or high water. Must've overwritten any maths ability I had to speak of...… Continue reading A Quick Realization

Over Coffee (26)

If we were having coffee I'd be arriving late to the coffee shop, heavy book haphazardly stuffed into my bag. This week I've been reading I Capture the Castle, have you read it? It's a quite dreamy sort of book, I haven't read it in a few years. My writer's block is firmly in place. I've… Continue reading Over Coffee (26)

The One Where Words Burn Out

I have a new theory that makes no sense because that's the sort of mischief I do. Nowadays, I'm beginning to think there's some kind of secret writerly word-allowance: you can only write so many words before you begin to burn out. And applying this theory to myself, I rather think I've just about run… Continue reading The One Where Words Burn Out

Sunday’s Shenanigans

So... today is Sunday and I spent the day at work. Normally my week starts on Monday, so now I can't tell if it feels like a weekend or a weekday, but at the moment my mind is running dry. I've been trying to come up with a story or a bit of poetry, but I… Continue reading Sunday’s Shenanigans