The Madness of Drafting

I've come to the conclusion that I'm a draft-collector.  I told you guys I shelved my NaNoWriMo for a while, but in the meantime there's drafts piling up in my dashboard and words rapidly being thumbed into my 'memo pad' on my phone. It's becoming an ever-increasing list of poems and ideas and drafts. For… Continue reading The Madness of Drafting

the dam

ideas weaving together spilling into a river. together they form inspirations. it's kind of a dream. coming true minute after minute. together there's a barrier stopping them in place. go to write - fingers are slack around a pen, unfocused and lax on a keyboard. (it's purely psychological right?)

Flotsam and Jetsam

Today, I began a poem. I stopped, and then restarted. I pulled together a stanza, which I liked, and then stopped it.  Tried again. Three stanzas, and I've decided I can't figure out where to bring it to next. Ironic, as it's answering the prompt decision. I decided to go for a different poem, and pulled a… Continue reading Flotsam and Jetsam

on quiet

ideas swirl through my being, not unlike snowflakes - now you see them. now you don't. and thoughts are a chaser collecting new ideas as they appear - best to record them. communication is blocked a new lack of methods and the inclination leaves again. (twist the words, bend them to your mind and compel… Continue reading on quiet


the idea bank tells me i'm the best customer. you visit daily, they tell me. you always bring a deposit and your credit is good. why don't you make a withdrawal? i always smile and shake my head: no time for a withdrawal. no time to do it justice today. i'll come back another time,… Continue reading clutter