Flash Fiction July, 21 How things work, according to her: You are a genius. You can do anything you set your mind towards, and ignore all the trivialities. They aren't useful. Pretend they don't exist, and they will not. How things work, according to me: Realism. She tells me all this with the depth and wisdom… Continue reading Elucidation


gravitation (150)

remember you said you would turn the earth on its axis for me? ruin our relationship with gravity, just so i could grasp at the sky and admire the texture of the clouds? i remember the taste of salt, heavy in the air from oceans crashing at my front door and stumbling through forests, funhouse-warped,… Continue reading gravitation (150)

the windows

shadow figure slinks around, hiding sense of self for the select few. ----- hidden view, broken up by blinds: a few quick glimpses from my office desk. ----- painted anew each day (perpetual motion) done in fresh new shades.