Writer With an Audience

I've meditated over this for several hours now and I began mentally composing something on lunch break, but when I began typing it didn't quite work. Seemed a bit clunky, felt like I was writing an essay. I looked away for a few minutes and then deleted the whole thing. I write to be seen,… Continue reading Writer With an Audience


Some Clever Title Here

Well. It's Friday, and that is pretty much all I have to say on the matter. This week: I started editing the NaNoWriMo. Scribbled all over it in red, spying mistakes. Mistakes a-plenty on every page - and here I thought I was a good typist. Planned out eight pages worth of fanfiction, so you can… Continue reading Some Clever Title Here

Stellar and Lunar: 18 February

Today, I mentally drafted this post. Didn't quite go so far as to actually write it, but that's no matter. I remembered to make a sticky-note with the idea, so it's all good. That not-plan thing has been coming to pass, so I think that's an appropriate theme for the night. It wasn't technically a plan… Continue reading Stellar and Lunar: 18 February

Midnight Oil

This was going to be a flash fiction, but for the fact that I'm very tired and also a bit sick. I've had a sore throat developing for two days; it has shown up and kicked in the door. So a prompt it is. I'm totally a night owl. At least, on the days I manage to get… Continue reading Midnight Oil


So titled for the sake of a title. A title for title's sake. After what felt like positively hours of wracking my brain for a fun new creative writing piece, I gave up and set the timer to ten minutes. I'm not inspired tonight, and I think I've pinpointed why, so let's clear out the cobwebs… Continue reading Miscellany

Word Crush Wednesday: Paul Klee

So, this week marks the 'end' of my six-week work assignment. Turns out though, I still have a job next week. Apparently it could become ongoing, so I shall wait and hear. It seems a very open-ended placement, and the people are pleased with how things are working out. This year I've been working more… Continue reading Word Crush Wednesday: Paul Klee

Monday’s Missions

Firstly, I am going to create new categories. I'm sitting here writing and relishing in the sheer quiet that comes after a long day of work. I like to be organized, so I figured I might as well step it up - I feel like I've been slacking off in the Super-Organized section. So, categories:… Continue reading Monday’s Missions