Done In a Jiffy

That seems to be some kind of weird time motto I'm secretly using nowadays. Everything seems to be zipping by - time is strange, warping around me, stealing fifty minutes to write a poem and four minutes waiting for a bus. My brain is always scattered, thinking fast, dividing up ideas into three cozy little… Continue reading Done In a Jiffy


Meandering Mondays

Okay. Alright. I got this. I'm not a nervous blogger. I don't need to pep-talk myself up before I post. I am, however, a person who runs off on tangents. I may have said recently that I was being Sensible and Logical about my novels. I've been planning it out, mapping out who and what… Continue reading Meandering Mondays


Response to this challenge. He types. Sharp words twist forth from his keyboard, dancing through a cursor into pixellated life. He wants to be powerful, wants to feel the rush of energy that flows with spite and scorn and sanctimony. The words swim on the screen, biting and cold. It's an easy matter to press send,… Continue reading Downfall

Dictionary, Excluded

This doesn't really happen to me all that much, to be honest. I like knowing things, a lot. I distinctly remember answering a prompt about being the Patron Saint of something, and here is my answer. If there's a word I want to use, I tend to run to the dictionary or Google, look it up… Continue reading Dictionary, Excluded

On Dislike

Today's prompt is very mind-readery. I've been thinking for a while about writing this, so here it is.I've trained myself out of my worst speaking habit. It's one that drives me mad when others do it: gratuitous use of the word 'like.' Out shopping today, I heard a group of teens using the word frequently.… Continue reading On Dislike

an ending

i see's five years laterand you're same-different.taller than i remember,same smile, same're opposite me now andi can't decide what to say.this is new, differentand verbosity gives way to something's not animosity, becausethat implies resent i don't feel.shyness; that's it,more hour of travelbrings us to the same location.i can't approach you:there's nothing… Continue reading an ending