Word Crush Monday: Rowling

Monday, and I'm not doing too well at the blog-daily thing. I should probably rework the schedule, but I forget. My mind is so cluttered lately, I sometimes think I should build a mind map or something. Build a mental house and make a library, or something. Cauldron Anthology has closed off submissions for the second… Continue reading Word Crush Monday: Rowling

Word Crush Monday: Wright

I'm not quite sure where the days are going. It's almost mid-July, and Christmas is racing up on us again. Today I speed-read through two skinny little eBooks, devouring ten-chapter mysteries and guessing correctly on one of them. The other, I had to consciously switch off my  brain. I also solved a code-breaker puzzle which… Continue reading Word Crush Monday: Wright

Word Crush Monday: Pearl-McPhee

Okay, it's Monday, and I know it's supposed to be an Off-the-Hook day, but I spent a lot of time actually doing the knitting and far less time doing the photos. I did finish a scarf, almost, I just need to bind off. Just so we're clear, I started on Friday night, ran out of yarn… Continue reading Word Crush Monday: Pearl-McPhee

Word Crush Monday: Bach

I've been a bit contemplative today. I think that going on a blog hiatus is a good idea whilst I try to knock out some of the many ideas cluttering my phone, but also I'm thinking about how I've basically taught myself to be hardwired to blog. Skipping a day seems unfeasible now. Perhaps I'll… Continue reading Word Crush Monday: Bach

Word Crush Monday: Schumann

Today I'm plotting up real mischief. I was going to tell Twitter, but I think I'll hold off for another six months because what's mischief without suspense? I plotted, and two nights ago in the early hours I wrote the opening lines of a story and didn't touch pen to paper. Didn't touch fingers to keys.… Continue reading Word Crush Monday: Schumann

Word Crush Monday: Shelley

Well, I do believe winter has come a-knockin'. It's been nippy noodles the last few days, absolutely pelting with rain one day and then bright sunshine the next. Crisp, is the word I'm thinking of. You know the feeling, all cold bright sunlight? That. I've just been writing out A List of the top... 17 writing… Continue reading Word Crush Monday: Shelley

word crush monday: chanel

today i spent some time training my brain to improve memory. i've also had a very itchy eye, which is grating on me. i just spent ages wondering why my music wasn't playing and found iTunes being stubborn. no matter - there's good noise again. i've been conjuring up poems, and semi-writing them in my… Continue reading word crush monday: chanel