dew + simplicity

brush the drops off the windscreen, winter has brought its chill back, early now. inside is just as cold, steam from the kettle becomes streaks of water on glass. sharply cold day, think: a lesson in simplicity, dew-covered leaves shine.


The early-morning chill has settled on the ground, every blade of grass half-white with frost. Shreds of green peek through, the occasional daisy hidden from sight under the frost. The grass hasn't been cut in days and if I ventured over the field more it would reach up to my ankles, easily. It makes it… Continue reading Five

New Season’s Greetings Postponed

I laughed when I looked at today's Daily Prompt. It asks about the changing seasons. In my corner of the world, the calendar declares it to be spring. Spring is the warm-up act to summer, the prelude. However, Spring has yet to grace us. Winter is clinging on, bitterly and stubbornly. I believe the season… Continue reading New Season’s Greetings Postponed


She reads the message. Really, she's not surprised. She's been expecting this for Weeks now. It stings a bit but is not the crushing hurt she thought. She anticipated hurt would pierce It's icy way through her heart. It never does. The pain is not like last time When one of the culprits was Her… Continue reading Numb

Winter Solitude

Rain sheets down from Dull gray skies. The sky matches his mood Rain a substitute for tears Since she left. The weather picks up on his mood By default, solitary and lonely. It is perfect weather to stay indoors and Sit by a warm fire - all the cliches that She enjoyed when she was… Continue reading Winter Solitude