clouds sweep over blue skies. retreating indoors i retrieve paint supplies and canvas, bracing myself. one swatch, five swatches all different, it still doesn't work. a shrieking vacuum breaks focus here, stray slash of paint. music trickles into my conscious jarring me, or awakening me. reluctant to answer the door you, you're here despite logic. turn… Continue reading trials

weekly writing challenge: tanka

learning to forget about you. not so sure now,is this what i want?yes, no, yes, maybe, yes, no.think it is, let's go with that.not this again. that you?barely recognized you. how longhas it been - two years?just long enough to start toforget about you. you too?i'm an author project a year, i can barely picture you.… Continue reading weekly writing challenge: tanka

Fifty Words

On and off.A rollercoaster, except less predictable – at first. Predictability comes with familiarity, the old habits of high school bleeding into university bleeding into Life After Graduation.Birthdays become something to avoid, to dodge. Temptation becomes a new feature, one that coaxes with poisoned honey and seemingly endless half-truths.tbc


she gets accused of working too's true too.five classes per semester equalsa lot of leaves little free time.they disdain it.she knows this because theymake no attempt to hide it.can't even muster fake interest.he appreciates intelligence.learned latin, he tells herjust because i could.ancient medieval renaissance modern.books.the more knowledge she gainsthe more she wants.catch-22 but… Continue reading disconnected

A Moment Caught in Words

I'm on the bus, waiting to go home. It's been a long day, having had five hours of class - the days feel longer since I began university.We're stopped at one of the lights and it's in one of the 'better' suburbs, the kind that doesn't know steel roller-doors for the sake of safety. Through… Continue reading A Moment Caught in Words