electrical storm

tap. taptap. tap. the world is supposed to be noisy, she knows this. knows it in the way rain patters over the roof and the ocean thirty-seven yards from her bedroom window swishes over the horizon ad infinitum. she understand it, in the way her boots clatter over tile and pavement and linoleum. and she… Continue reading electrical storm

reservations + singe + deep

the water runs deep, ice-cold and dark with unseen things. light is fading.   reservations stop me from ducking under, from coming closer still.   it's icy, and my skin feels singed with blood as i approach and dive in.

water + universe + buff

under the water a parallel universe is hidden, waiting to be discovered. beyond the deep surface, secrets wait.   harsh ocean tides buff the clifftop into a smooth surface, craggy and always looking just weeks from being fully eroded.   sunlight glows off the plane of the water, skimming over it, artless and hinting at… Continue reading water + universe + buff

By The Water

response to this. Frank tugged the glove off and put it aside, already finding fresh bait for the hook. Beside him, Jake watched vigilantly, still waiting for magic to happen. The hook was cast; the line bowed under the catch, nearly snapping. He didn't notice the missing glove until later.


Response to this challenge. I am water. I am ever-changing, ever-evolving, twisting through life like you wish you could. (you wish i would change because right now you can't like me, i'm too unpredictable for you and oh, don't you wish you could be the one to change me?) I am unbending. I am a… Continue reading Unyielding