invisible girl

the invisible girl draws a thin coat around herself. it's been raining, and it would be cold if it weren't for the fact that the sun now beats down on the ground. if she looks hard enough, she'd almost swear that she can see the shimmer of water evaporating. water doesn't shimmer when it evaporates, she… Continue reading invisible girl


in transit

she's a wanderer. she leaves traces of herself everywhere that she goes, trailing bits of forgotten stories like silk scarves trailing on the wind - perfume hangs in the air when she exits a room, toothbrushes bought in bulk and left like some sort of dental gingerbread path. in the evening is her favourite time… Continue reading in transit


she flicks the map that takes up one-third of wall space. on her desk, there's a spinning globe: sometimes she taps it to set it rotating. unfocuses her eyes and lets the world blur past. she makes a list, writing alphabetically, reverse-alphabetically and flips it around again. scrambles the order, calls up online travel literature.… Continue reading wanderlust

The Call

Flash Fiction July, 22 They say that when you feel the call, you answer it. I've known people to go travelling at a moment's notice, packing up whatever few possessions will fit into a tiny shoulder bag or backpack and quit their jobs informally by not showing up the next day. By the next week… Continue reading The Call

inventing adventure (300)

she wanted to know about my purpose. how, she implored, had i found it so young? in her world, purpose was a thing you found after you'd done a few years' sensible work, maybe some careful mapping out. she was a scheduler, a planner, and she didn't understand my methods - or my madness. i crafted… Continue reading inventing adventure (300)

inversion (150)

she's running through the world, twisting her own stories into trails behind her, collecting words and mixing them into books, drinking bitter coffee she doesn't like and speaking languages that trip her up with complex structures. it's easy to dive back into her books, to seek out libraries in every stop but that's not the… Continue reading inversion (150)

poetry 101 rehab: places

she dwells in infinity. the world is old, new - wildly changing. she makes no effort to find one safe place. instead, she roams: goes wherever sounds interesting at present. she doesn't ever stay long enough to make a history. (prefers to cycle through people and apartments) each year she's displaced, discomforted - -and every… Continue reading poetry 101 rehab: places