Flash Fiction July, 13 The building before me is impressive, stretching up as far as the eye can see and carved elaborately into half a dozen tall sculptures, half form and half function. They're weathered, no longer sleek and glossy but rough and dry from keeping their occupants sheltered from storms for the last 251 years.… Continue reading Illusory

Study of Living (400)

She paints her lips crimson. This is her favourite part of lipstick, the way the fresh red colour conjures up images of blood and stands out starkly on pale skin, untouched by sunlight. (the colour is her favourite of all, and the best part is the fact that red is the season's newest style. ladies… Continue reading Study of Living (400)

The Hybrid

Alright. Deep breaths. I will not flee, screaming like a crazy person. Sorry about that. I'm calm, really. Calm, coherent and in control. You see, we've just covered a film in my English class, which deals with hybrid-creation stuff. It was very sci-fi and basically modernised Frankenstein, if you will. Lots of genetics and weirdness.… Continue reading The Hybrid