shards of glass,, purple, green -jumbled, mismatched.i've got no idea where to start.lost and unsure -anxiety turns blood to ice.warmth is fleetingly crueland sometimes in news yet -that column's blank.ironic then, that itook art history.two out of three done -awaiting the third.write a pretty storycreate futile distractions.time to take up the tweezers.

what exactly is this

hey.I think I miss you:it's entirely possible.the thing is, I don't quite knowif I do or've been replaced, you see.eight months on and somewherealong the line I found a new don't feature anymore.I remember, dimly, you andthe things you said.that's where it ends.facebook, twice a month(weak-willed) scaled down to once ingod-knows how long.I… Continue reading what exactly is this