car + coast + shine

the car shines under early-morning sunlight, aimed towards the next coast.   map's at the ready and a bag of snacks wait in the passenger seat.   start up the engine, drive into the sunset and write a travel log.

Vignette (3)

Note: I spy a lot of things while on the bus. It's a run-of-the-mill Wednesday. Nothing stands out especially clearly: sometimes the bus is packed to capacity, but right now it's not and we're zooming towards the station where people will transfer to trains. In the background, at every stop, I can hear the driver… Continue reading Vignette (3)


Flash Fiction July, 10 Last time I knew her, she had a penchant for stating the obvious. She was the sort of person who would chatter to fill silence, not to say something of meaning. When I think back on it now, most of what she said was dead weight, a desperate effort to not… Continue reading Unsubtlety

inventing adventure (300)

she wanted to know about my purpose. how, she implored, had i found it so young? in her world, purpose was a thing you found after you'd done a few years' sensible work, maybe some careful mapping out. she was a scheduler, a planner, and she didn't understand my methods - or my madness. i crafted… Continue reading inventing adventure (300)

Word Crush Wednesday: Audrey Hepburn

I had something all planned out for tonight's post. I really did, but I forgot to write it down. Not my finest move, as I now have a hazy recollection of what I was thinking about and no idea of the quote I was going to select. This doesn't happen a lot - thankfully, it's… Continue reading Word Crush Wednesday: Audrey Hepburn


Traffic terminals: Soulless or magical? Both, in my opinion. It's like this: For the most part, they are soulless. Where I went to uni, it was common to see hordes of people clustered into a small bus stop. To me it was dull to sit on a bus and watch a dozen or so people hop… Continue reading Transitions

Tunneling Through Time and Space

Excellent, I get to build a tunnel.Problem is, I live in New Zealand. We're so far removed from half the world that you need a time-warping, space-bending tunnel if you want to go to Europe, which is where I would like my tunnel. Let's say it brings me to England so I can always pay homage to Shakespeare and… Continue reading Tunneling Through Time and Space

Stuck in Travel Limbo

Well, six hours at the airport. No technology.Sounds like my nightmare come true. I need to be amused and interested in things at all times, or I get grouchy and gripe about stuff. I have allergies to sitting still.For my first hour, I diligently check over everything in my carry-on. This can literally take an… Continue reading Stuck in Travel Limbo

My Daily Commute

Four days a week, I hop on a bus to university. I live roughly 45 minutes away, and commuting is so fun.If I'm super-lucky I'll get the Express bus which allegedly takes a shorter journey. Granted there are less stops and the motorway's really pretty, but generally it takes about the same timespan as the… Continue reading My Daily Commute

A Tale of Two Cities

This is something I daydream about, frequently. I have an obsession with New York, probably because of the museums.That's the surface. Bearing in mind I've never been to New York, I'd like to go there and spend my time investigating. By this, I mean I'd like to just ditch the guidebooks and travel sites and… Continue reading A Tale of Two Cities