cake + beach + time

time spent at the beach: wintry, sou'wester whipping the ocean, frenzied.   ice-cream cake melting, wilting under harsh sunlight. never cold for long.   dwarfed by an ocean, cliff-tops looming nearby - time to find somewhere else.

luxury + hope + up

unwrap stack of books: hope this one will speak to you. time to start reading.   time is luxury - stolen moments hidden and jealously guarded.   look up obscure reference: screenshot it and come back later (when?).

the timer, 1.1 (150)

say something profound, she's watching me. the words aren't said but they hang in the air anyway, waiting for the camera to be flipped on. waiting for me to perform, so i can be recorded for posterity. she's looking at her smartphone, tapping into it with the speed of someone who's had a few too… Continue reading the timer, 1.1 (150)

Over Coffee (9)

If we were having coffee, we'd select another of the "mom-and-pop" stores. I'd place my order and at the last moment realize my mistake, switch to decaf. I'm not jittery, but I am chirpy. I keep giggling to myself and drifting off today - no, I'm not on any kind of psychotropic substance. I've in fact been drinking… Continue reading Over Coffee (9)


Flash Fiction July, 23 A theory: that time is a malfunctioning reset option. She writes, stops. Already she's working on proving the theory, catching up to herself as her mind slowly, ideas barely catching sparks. This is the worst time of working, when her mind fails to make connections and doesn't take things into account. Times… Continue reading Theorizing