a social lesson (150)

It was the year 1712 and the Countess was hosting for the first time, finally declared ready by Mama to be a hostess. Normally, Mama or her sister were the ones to prepare - instead, Mama had decided she needed the knowledge and lesson for the centuries yet to come. She waited by the curving… Continue reading a social lesson (150)

Time Machine For Sale

I have issues with the time machine. It goes into the past or the future. Therefore, I don't want either version. You see, if I went into the past I would be tempted to change things. I've read enough science fiction (ahem) to know that you don't want to go causing a butterfly effect across… Continue reading Time Machine For Sale

Zipping into the Future

If I'm going to speed into the future overnight, I hope for great things. I fairly recently had my birthday; I'm still adapting to being a year older.To begin, I'd like to either have a solid job or be self-employed. If I'm working for others I'd like it to be somewhere I don't expect. I… Continue reading Zipping into the Future

A Remote With No Batteries

Does fast-forwarding to a certain date in my life mean missing out on what happens in between now and that date? Or does it mean experiencing all the time up until then at warp speed?In either case, given the option, I'd refuse. I don't want to miss out, and I don't want to experience something… Continue reading A Remote With No Batteries

Me and 2016

Today's prompt: write a blog post from the future. It kind of threw me for a loop, I'll not lie. I try to not think a great deal about the future. Anecdotally, here's why: eight years ago, I decided I would be a teacher. I spent about four years on that theme before I realised… Continue reading Me and 2016

Aw Crap, Not the Forklift

I finished brushing my hair and checked my lipstick. I looked businesslike and professional, an advantage in case the time machine went wrong. It was ready. For months the physics department had been secretly working on a time machine, reluctantly working with an English major in order to test the proficiency of the machine. The… Continue reading Aw Crap, Not the Forklift