Out of Pace

Okay, you guys. Daily Prompt time; I spent a bit too long knitting, (have begun a hat!) though in all fairness I was getting to grips with some fancy new stitchy-technique thing. I learned a new thing today. I don't dare interfere with time, be it slowing things down or speeding them up. Knowing my luck… Continue reading Out of Pace

Time Machine For Sale

I have issues with the time machine. It goes into the past or the future. Therefore, I don't want either version. You see, if I went into the past I would be tempted to change things. I've read enough science fiction (ahem) to know that you don't want to go causing a butterfly effect across… Continue reading Time Machine For Sale

It’s An Investment… I Think

So my local electronics store has started selling magic gadgets. Pick one, implores the sales assistant.I'm eliminating an invisibility helmet and an anywhere door, by virtue of the fact that they won't get me what I want. Thus, the time machine remains.You see, I want/need/love books. I wrote about it the other day; how I'm… Continue reading It’s An Investment… I Think