I Did It My Way

I'm going to tie this in with one of my previous posts. Yesterday I described my love of writing and how I hope to make a career out of it. Working with that, I'd like that to be my legacy. I'd like to be a prolific writer who takes time away from crappy reality TV… Continue reading I Did It My Way

Please, Do Teach Me Creativity

The other day I posted regarding whether or not creative writing can be taught. Today I’m going to think about the opposite. I spoke to a classmate the other day; just randomly asked what she thought. She was of the opinion that creative writing can be taught. She went on to say how she has… Continue reading Please, Do Teach Me Creativity

You Can’t Teach Me Creativity

My lecturer the other day started class with a sort of opinion poll. She asked, can creative writing be taught? My immediate response – mentally, as I’m not one to speak up much in class – was no, it can’t. It seemed some of my classmates agreed with me; one girl said she thought creativity… Continue reading You Can’t Teach Me Creativity