Fifty Words

On and off.A rollercoaster, except less predictable – at first. Predictability comes with familiarity, the old habits of high school bleeding into university bleeding into Life After Graduation.Birthdays become something to avoid, to dodge. Temptation becomes a new feature, one that coaxes with poisoned honey and seemingly endless half-truths.tbc

Trilogy: Part 2

Part 2 of 3 Her heart isn’t in it. He can tell from how often she checks her phone, deals with some imagined call or text that just needs to be checked. It’s times like this that he resents her and as he watches her type he grinds his teeth. They’re supposed to be collecting… Continue reading Trilogy: Part 2

A Tale in Three Parts

Part 1 of 3."One day we could go camping. Make a weekend of it."She looks blankly back at him, not quite confused but leaning towards puzzled. "You know, tents. Campfires. Sleeping bags. Or have you never been camping before, city girl?" He reaches over and tugs a stray piece of her hair, surreptitiously taking in her… Continue reading A Tale in Three Parts