Over Coffee (10)

If we were having coffee I'd be idling over a teapot of green tea. I've got a bit of a headache and caffeine won't help it. I'd tell you that it's been a kind of long week, but aren't they all? I've got my gym bag underneath the table - this afternoon's a workout day,… Continue reading Over Coffee (10)

Over Coffee (1)

If we were having coffee... this week I'd be drinking strong bitter black coffee, the kind that I always drink when I'm in the midst of a story. You'd ask me how my week was and I'd use the standard answers I always give when someone asks me that. I'd talk about what I'm doing… Continue reading Over Coffee (1)

Inner Monologue

I'm uninspired this weekend, so you're getting a second daily prompt and I'm getting tea. I try to avoid this, using daily prompts in place of creatives, but sometimes... I don't know. Maybe I'm spending a lot of energy on the hat. So far I have knit seven rows and it doesn't look too lumpy,… Continue reading Inner Monologue

poetry 101 rehab: evenings

sticky summer evening i went, alone, to the balcony. you'd called - late with work. the irony was lost on you. i made up drinks, cracking a fresh tray of ice and mixing things haphazardly into a pitcher. and waited. you appeared from smog. (we never asked after the other's day) you took a glassful of… Continue reading poetry 101 rehab: evenings

Poetry 101 Rehab: Talk

silence is the void surrounding us. you shift, uncomfortable - your posture radiates discomfort. so does your body language. you're restless, and i'd really like to sit quietly. and then you speak. your words are insipid, uninspired. (you just want to take in oxygen, exhale carbon dioxide) so you chatter on. the air is filled… Continue reading Poetry 101 Rehab: Talk

Poetry 101 Rehab: Exposition

you think yourself a villain, one who can create conniving plots at will. creative contrivances are not your forte, so you're reduced to senseless babble about your demons. (think you know mine? try again) and so you prattle on trying desperately to expose demonry. (desperation: you wear it like cheap perfume) go on. keep on… Continue reading Poetry 101 Rehab: Exposition

People By Numbers

My ideal number of people is the fewer, the better. Place me into a large group of people and I'll slowly edge myself out of the group, until I'm on the outskirts. Chances are, once I've done this I will tune out entirely. Anecdote time: University tutorials tended to be around 15 or so people,… Continue reading People By Numbers