pink + shell + edible

delicate pink shells are scattered across the sand - shatter in one step.   condensation beads on the glass bottle as the sun beats down on us.   wind whips sand up as greedy-eyed birds appear. (food's less edible).

sweat + heat + glitter

muggy summer's day, humid to the going rate: one hundred percent.   sweat under twenty- six degrees of heat, small fan on two feet of books.   iced drinks flow from the fridge, condensation glitters under the harsh sun.

poetry 101 rehab: evenings

sticky summer evening i went, alone, to the balcony. you'd called - late with work. the irony was lost on you. i made up drinks, cracking a fresh tray of ice and mixing things haphazardly into a pitcher. and waited. you appeared from smog. (we never asked after the other's day) you took a glassful of… Continue reading poetry 101 rehab: evenings


In winter, she applies makeup to match the weather - thick mascara, dark eyeliner and bold lips.Foundation is smoothed on in an attempt to conceal a winter's complexion, and a pocket mirror is never far from reach. Sometimes, she draws a few disapproving looks when people register how many products are layered on her face. She's… Continue reading Unmasked


I was pretty much ambivalent about returning to school.I used to get really excited about going to classes and learning things; it was the people that made me nervous. Sometimes there would be a new teacher, who I didn't know. Other times it would be the same teacher, and that could be good or bad.Now… Continue reading Ambivalent

Summer in the City

I've never really given much thought to smells of summer.Still, the prompt implores me to think of some. By the way, I don't have one set smell. It's more the bits and pieces that make up a summer's day or even just summer as a whole.So here's a few of the ones I think of… Continue reading Summer in the City

And Then You Go to Summer School

So... This week I started summer school. I'm finishing up the last few papers for my degree, and so I had free reign to pick whatever I liked. I chose anthropology and philosophy for this semester. I'm a sucker for the ologies and the super-smart-sounding subjects.It's two days in and my brain is already melting. I've… Continue reading And Then You Go to Summer School