breeze + arrived + identical

one quick breeze has arrived. it skims over the ocean, ruffles the water into peaks that are near-identical. white foam tops the crest before it dissolves, gone in an unseen pattern. on the sand, fish and chip papers rustle.

branch + spring + new life

pohutawaka branches sway over my car, red needles forming a soft carpet all around and sticking incessantly.   spring has left, and the summer is winding to its autumnal ending. there's chill in the air in the early morning, trees drooping.   the new life of spring eases out with the flush of dullness in… Continue reading branch + spring + new life

typical + sneak + night

typical summer night, densely humid, and still air-con's not enough.   sneak to the kitchen, find a glass of ice water still dripping with cold.   morning dawns, dark and crisp, cold air curling around the bus stop's edges.

transport + exercise + tardy

the summer sun blares down on the suburb as i walk to my final destination. work starts soon and it's my first day. not late yet.   heat rises, shimmers in the air as the minutes tick on. i'm making good time, and walking is great transport. free, and exercise.   the air-con of the building greets… Continue reading transport + exercise + tardy

pink + shell + edible

delicate pink shells are scattered across the sand - shatter in one step.   condensation beads on the glass bottle as the sun beats down on us.   wind whips sand up as greedy-eyed birds appear. (food's less edible).

summer + colour + control

summer flits over the horizon, air laden with the smell of fresh cut grass and shimmer of smog rising into nothingness.   summer's colours are designated blue and green, painted the brightest that can still be seen. sometimes, it's almost unbearable.   the weather softens, harsh brightness fading into soft blue and murky green, all… Continue reading summer + colour + control

sweat + heat + glitter

muggy summer's day, humid to the going rate: one hundred percent.   sweat under twenty- six degrees of heat, small fan on two feet of books.   iced drinks flow from the fridge, condensation glitters under the harsh sun.