The Curious Mind’s List

This one's an easy one for me: create a list. There's something deeply satisfying, to me, about a list. Carefully constructed, maybe with bullet points, headings and subheadings and a spot of colour-coding. However, all of that is a bit finicky for a sleepy Friday night, so I'm going to list for you subjects and classes… Continue reading The Curious Mind’s List

Studying for Fun

The other day I learned about a magical site where you can learn all kinds of stuff online, free. Basically as far as I can tell it's structured like your regular university class, but done with videos and stuff. My perusal of the courses revealed no immediate human evolution, about which I was disappointed, but… Continue reading Studying for Fun

Seeking Knowledge

So, you guys, I have a bit of a conundrum.You see, I took my exams in June and in July I was told I'd finished my degree. All stuffs completed, all requirements met, eligible to graduate... So right now I'm looking for a job. I interviewed last week and proved that I can be awesome,… Continue reading Seeking Knowledge

History’s Teachings

Oh jeez. Are we really going there, now? It's technically a Friday night and I have to pick a teacher from history? Anyone who ever lived?I'm going to do the classic cop-out here, so please forgive me. I don't choose one. It's very difficult to pick just one person out of several hundred years of history. I read… Continue reading History’s Teachings

End of Daze

Well. The semester has started, and I've not had a class yet. My classes begin on Tuesday.Isn't that stupid?Here ends the six weeks of summer break and begins six weeks of summer study. I have triumphed over Kafka and the loan elves to get all my payments made on time and money set up to start… Continue reading End of Daze

Of Blogging and Examining

This topic leaped into my head. It's a thing I am dealing with, and I don't doubt that thousands of others are in the same boat. The same slightly too small boat on which you don't have much spending money.Exams. They plague us and so, for some, blogging is a bit of a refuge. Type… Continue reading Of Blogging and Examining

Exam Season

1. Students hunch over Stacks of books, pages of notes and Pray for memory. 2. Old exam papers Look for common themes. Are there Any patterns? Guess. 3. Peering at crisp white Sheets, ink tattoos miniscule Grains, looking too close. 4. Exam room sort of Like a club: exclusive, Costly, requires ID. 5. Supervisor goes… Continue reading Exam Season