it's another of those days where there's nothing new to write, or say. the year is coming to a close and it's getting oddly more difficult to do an honest piece of creative writing, not just the same sort of prompts and challenges that are often pulled together. three more days of this: of not… Continue reading wonderings

Flotsam and Jetsam

Today, I began a poem. I stopped, and then restarted. I pulled together a stanza, which I liked, and then stopped it.  Tried again. Three stanzas, and I've decided I can't figure out where to bring it to next. Ironic, as it's answering the prompt decision. I decided to go for a different poem, and pulled a… Continue reading Flotsam and Jetsam

on quiet

ideas swirl through my being, not unlike snowflakes - now you see them. now you don't. and thoughts are a chaser collecting new ideas as they appear - best to record them. communication is blocked a new lack of methods and the inclination leaves again. (twist the words, bend them to your mind and compel… Continue reading on quiet


So titled for the sake of a title. A title for title's sake. After what felt like positively hours of wracking my brain for a fun new creative writing piece, I gave up and set the timer to ten minutes. I'm not inspired tonight, and I think I've pinpointed why, so let's clear out the cobwebs… Continue reading Miscellany

In The Works

So, you guys. I agonized for a while about what to write because I didn't have an idea, and then I kept getting poem-ideas. The horror, right? I noted them all down like a good organized writer-bee. I ran through prompts and idea listings and nothing appealed. Then the calendar caught my eye. No, I… Continue reading In The Works

Saturday Night, Uneventful

No, not really. Not yet anyway. I've come to the conclusion that Saturday is my worst time for posting something. I just spent about nine minutes browsing the interwebs, three minutes looking at a game I'm playing and... hm, several other minutes quietly hating my blank text box. I considered the ten-minute stream of consciousness and… Continue reading Saturday Night, Uneventful

Mystery Monday

Today's blog post is a mystery even to me because I don't know what the topic is. I'm still awaiting news on possible work extension, and planning out three new novels for the next year, eighteen months. They will all be utterly different and I may need a psuedonym for one, but who knows. I definitely… Continue reading Mystery Monday