Housekeeping, At Your Door

Well, your blog's door anyway. This is not a Stellar and Lunar post; I've decided to rest the prompts, as they don't seem to be inspiring people to stargaze and bring back creative writing. Maybe I'm not adhering as closely to the theme itself; maybe the topic overall isn't reaching people, or the topic's just not… Continue reading Housekeeping, At Your Door

Changes in Routine

Well... it's a week into March. I'm beginning to find several things out about all the shenanigans I have planned. One, I apparently need to hyper-plan my day because otherwise I get lost down the internets rabbit-hole and then I get not a lot done. Two, I'm at my most inspired when I'm at work.… Continue reading Changes in Routine

Stellar and Lunar: 3 March

March. Yes. It's March, I still don't know how this happened but I think I'm about over the mini time-crisis. One of them, anyway. This is coming to you later than I anticipated writing it, but I spent ages learning how to do a fancy new (to me) way of knitting. Basically, you combine two different… Continue reading Stellar and Lunar: 3 March

Stellar and Lunar: 25 February

Look at that date. Just take a moment and.. how is it already edging towards February's end? Didn't we just begin the year the other day? I've been having a pretty good week, am securely installed back in my first workplace. I thought I'd kind of just quietly reappear... nope. Warm and fuzzies from the… Continue reading Stellar and Lunar: 25 February

Stellar and Lunar: 18 February

Today, I mentally drafted this post. Didn't quite go so far as to actually write it, but that's no matter. I remembered to make a sticky-note with the idea, so it's all good. That not-plan thing has been coming to pass, so I think that's an appropriate theme for the night. It wasn't technically a plan… Continue reading Stellar and Lunar: 18 February

Stellar and Lunar: 11 February

It's the weekend! Also, it isn't. We had another long weekend this past week, so my mind's gone a bit strange. I'm seeing timetables where they aren't. I also have that not-plan thing coming to pass, which is nice. More detail on that for the next Wildcard day, whenever that may be. Monday, if I don't… Continue reading Stellar and Lunar: 11 February

Stellar and Lunar: 4 February

Good evening, all. I've come to realize that I have the sort of brain that secretly stores things away for future reference. For instance, the fun new thing my mind is doing: the fan-fiction. Years ago, I read one fic. And then I read it maybe a second time, because I felt like it. Last… Continue reading Stellar and Lunar: 4 February