Flash Fiction July, 18 Here is your hammer and chisel; over there, you will find a slab of marble. You may begin. It's remarkable, isn't it? It's deeply plain, such a perfect blank canvas for you to start making your mark upon. It's ready when you are; oh, I can see the thoughts as you… Continue reading Unwavering

Carved From Stone

My ideas are running low. I really need to do a brainstorm session. Find and invent new things to write about. I remember sitting at my work desk the other day, thinking, no overblown metaphor. Nothing blindingly obvious. Possibly, this was an idea I had but - surprise, surprise, I forgot to write it down. Anyway,… Continue reading Carved From Stone

to sculpt

solitude arrives.carve a likeness into marble andremain devoted, worshipful.don't get attached, this is a dream, not reality.superimpose life on the statue and curse your imagination.strive for the unreachable,it's never enough.the statue breathes andit's time to test expectations.maybe this will work,maybe it won't.solitude departs.