spring + fresh + purple

the coil of wire shrinks, folded up as the door shuts blocking out the sun.   warm air swirls in through a window, left open as fresh baking cools down.   pastries are served up on a purple plate, chipped at one edge, and tea's poured.

mixed seasons

the weather is indecisive. rain lashes at the roof even as the sky eases up, blue peeking through. five minutes later the temperature has dropped noticeably. it's good weather for a hot drink. every morning is crisp, clear blue sky and grass trimmed with light patches of frost. it's indecisive - can't seem to pick… Continue reading mixed seasons

New Season’s Greetings Postponed

I laughed when I looked at today's Daily Prompt. It asks about the changing seasons. In my corner of the world, the calendar declares it to be spring. Spring is the warm-up act to summer, the prelude. However, Spring has yet to grace us. Winter is clinging on, bitterly and stubbornly. I believe the season… Continue reading New Season’s Greetings Postponed

Of Sunshine and Subway

Sunlight, it's the first thing to be seen. So much sunlight, everywhere. Sunglasses a quick necessity. Seriously, prescription sunglasses are the best. Sliced bread just doesn't compare. Someone could, after all, Simply tear off pieces of bread as needed. Subway. Suitable lunch or dinner So convenient. Selecting food options for maximum delight "Salads?" The server… Continue reading Of Sunshine and Subway