Letters to Euturpe: 30

So I'm having a bit of trouble typing right now, I'll keep this snappy. (I'm favouring one arm and also one finger which means I'm typing with four fingers. Spent the afternoon in the blood donor's chair.) Song for the week - I actually couldn't decide it, until the song just began playing on iTunes… Continue reading Letters to Euturpe: 30


Letters to Euturpe: 29

I'm on holiday and have spent part of tonight discovering that my sewing skills are not great: I tried pinning and stitching a hem. It came out uneven and nearly a tad lumpy. Clearly, this part of launching my shenanigans is going to be put on hold. I've also been methodically working my way through… Continue reading Letters to Euturpe: 29

Letters to Euturpe: 28

I've managed to begin uncluttering a teeny-tiny corner of my brain, which I shall take as a good thing. It's occurred to me that having a blog is kind of like a diary except I don't use it to declutter. Huh. Should probably work on that. Also, I got news on the Secret Thing, Part… Continue reading Letters to Euturpe: 28

Letters to Euturpe: 27

It's another Thursday that feels like a Friday and I'm wondering if I should stick to reviewing cozy mysteries. Turns out I really like doing them, and they're probably the main genre in my library now. Hang on, just made a quick little scheme: yes, I'll do that and hone my ability of being super-honest about… Continue reading Letters to Euturpe: 27

Letters to Euturpe: 26

Tonight I have a sneaky headache, the kind that bides its time all afternoon and then leaps in through the window when you're browsing the interwebs. I've also been spending time conniving all the Secret Things my brain can handle, and my bandwidth is all used up. Think I ran out of mental storage space long ago… Continue reading Letters to Euturpe: 26

Letters to Euturpe: 20

Well, with a prompt like this, who could resist? I'm winding down from the day - spent some time in the gym. I hear it's good for you. Healthy, even. It's been a bit of a strange week - felt like it was a bit long in the beginning, but has steadily been tumbling down… Continue reading Letters to Euturpe: 20

Letters to Euturpe: 6

It's been a weird little week. My work schedule has been flipped around and now I'm nocturnal. Or something. I'm on the evening shift tonight and tomorrow the usual morning-day shift. Thank goodness for endless coffee, is all I can say. While I'm thinking on it, how weird is it to have dinner at work?… Continue reading Letters to Euturpe: 6