everyone's alone.the ghost treads a paththrough a smoky bar.present goes unregistered,eyes passing over her.she sits and watchesfrom a corner.people laugh too loud,smile too wide with too-white teeth.people cluster in pairssaying little.the room is quieter for it,music almost achingly loud.together yet not.

to sculpt

solitude arrives.carve a likeness into marble andremain devoted, worshipful.don't get attached, this is a dream, not reality.superimpose life on the statue and curse your imagination.strive for the unreachable,it's never enough.the statue breathes andit's time to test expectations.maybe this will work,maybe it won't.solitude departs.


She drifts throughcorridors and hallways.Other people give her a wide berth as she passes.She doesn't make contact:even the walls areoff-limits.Her distance is validated, solidified.She stares, dead-eyedat anyone who tries to make contact.The pretense of not knowing someone is a most efficient weapon.She hides away inside her head,imagining people and places and scenes thatare anywhere but here.It's a… Continue reading Drifting


I walk from one place to the next. Geographically I know where I am, In other aspects, not so much. Silence, I can't stand. Silence is a heavy layer, a thick winter coat. I need to remove it. People surround me, talking and laughing. I don't join them. There's a reason I'm grateful for my… Continue reading Soundproofed

Winter Solitude

Rain sheets down from Dull gray skies. The sky matches his mood Rain a substitute for tears Since she left. The weather picks up on his mood By default, solitary and lonely. It is perfect weather to stay indoors and Sit by a warm fire - all the cliches that She enjoyed when she was… Continue reading Winter Solitude