Blogging 201: Day 6

Well, you guys, I like to think I'm slightly on top of things today. Slightly, that is. We're to pick a social media outlet: I'm already utilizing two. My top preference for all posts is Twitter, because it's more fun to me than Facebook. I like Twitter because I feel that I can post more on… Continue reading Blogging 201: Day 6

Facebook Page

This is just a quick reminder that this blog does have a Facebook page, in addition to Twitter. I use both, but in case you prefer Facebook over Twitter, you can find the page here. I use it to post new links and sometimes update in general about what's going on in my little world.… Continue reading Facebook Page

Time to Tweet

So, hi, I have other details for you now. For those of you who are on Twitter, tuckedintoacorner now has its own corner of Twitter. Follow the path to that corner, here, and say hello. Follow, re-tweet, offer coffee - I'm happy to hear from you. I've also fixed up the Sharing so that every… Continue reading Time to Tweet

Into A Facebook Corner

Hello all! Quick update to let you know, we're now on Facebook. By "we" I mean "this blog has a fanpage on Facebook". I plan to have that be the home for pre-posts and stray thoughts. I'll also be working out how to link it up so these posts feed straight to there. Later I'll… Continue reading Into A Facebook Corner


Creating a pale imitation of Herself, she Logs on and stays Daily. The numbers fluctuate. It's not enough, Not quick enough to Satisfy her. MORE. The demand is in the back Of her mind, for now, but Always there. Always making its presence known. She doesn't want to wait: The want is there. Percolating and… Continue reading Forgery

Facebook – Saint or Scoundrel?

Facebook. It's like a bag of skittles: you might like it, but too much gets annoying and rots your mind. I've been thinking recently of deleting my profile, because on one level it's quite the time drain. Used cleverly on the other hand, it's useful. I see bands on Facebook, ones who might only have… Continue reading Facebook – Saint or Scoundrel?