Over Coffee (13)

If we were having coffee, it would be an online thing. I'd be at home all curled up with my lemon-honey tea and you'd be at your place. I'm sick, I don't want you catching it. I've been coughing for a couple of days  had to leave work early the other day - and it… Continue reading Over Coffee (13)

Tales from the Sickbed

Ugggh. I'm coughing like an advert for a cough syrup, only it's too early for the next dose. Incidentally the syrup I do have is supposedly cherry-vanilla. I don't think the good folk producing the stuff have met a cherry-product before, and three doses in I'm not detecting any vanilla. Is that some kind of… Continue reading Tales from the Sickbed

Stage 7 of “Adulting”

I write this from my sickbed (by that I mean the bed on which I am sporadically reclining whilst sick). I'm not terribly sick, but enough so that I got a bottle of hideous-tasting cough syrup in a bid to soothe my throat. *coughs and hacks* So today I had a driving lesson. I'd put… Continue reading Stage 7 of “Adulting”