an ending

i see's five years laterand you're same-different.taller than i remember,same smile, same're opposite me now andi can't decide what to say.this is new, differentand verbosity gives way to something's not animosity, becausethat implies resent i don't feel.shyness; that's it,more hour of travelbrings us to the same location.i can't approach you:there's nothing… Continue reading an ending

The Protection of Strangers

In a stressful situation, such as public speaking, I'd rather be around strangers. Around people I know, I would feel pressured to prove myself, prove something. With people I don't know (and therefore don't worry so much about) I could safely do a speech or whatever, secure in the knowledge that even if I do… Continue reading The Protection of Strangers

Hey, Grinchy

Well... Some time ago I posted a poem called Tedium, in which I complained about the tedium of trying to communicate with someone who doesn't try to communicate. This is my least liked quality in others: I put in an effort, and expect others to do the same. I remember last semester when I was… Continue reading Hey, Grinchy