NaPoWriMo 3 (clarity)

brush away the cobwebs clear the dust from your mind. see? here i am. blink the grit from your eyes and wake up over coffee. look through the window - sunlit - can't see a damned thing. whisk the net curtain into place; replace the coffee with tea. (do you see me  yet?) -no, no… Continue reading NaPoWriMo 3 (clarity)

cut and run

it's time to go again. inch away from people with polite smiles and incremental steps. snick the door closed behind you no need to return. and the barrier is up solidly there always and always. snap the latch into place melt into yet another crowd. here is my hidey-place but it isn't here you see.… Continue reading cut and run


liner, shadow, mascara.painstakingly applied,darkening and contouringshielding the windows to the soul.lip gloss, tint, balm.smudged and smooth,sleek and clean.imagine all i could say.views are distorted.quick glances,one eye closed and a tiny mirror.i never see properly.generally avoiding mirrors.fascinating today,these shadows and lines.i think i see what you see.


i see you.this veil seems to be aone-way veil.i'm protected from your view.tinted glass comes to can see a general outlinebut no distinguishing features.there's privacy in anonymity.five years on.the glass is solid, unbreakableand starting to become opaque.on your side anyway.six years.another ceremony, another layeris added to the see, you don't know me.eight years.ceremony… Continue reading distortion

Dear Me, I See You

I'm looking in the mirror. I see you, my inanimate twin. I see the slight circles under your eyes, that vary depending on the sleep you've had. I see the two little scars above your jaw, stubborn remnants of childhood chickenpox. I imagine I see tiny lines around the eyes, waiting to begin. I see… Continue reading Dear Me, I See You