She's ditzy. She sits with a blank expression, eyes far away and vacant. It's like she wants to create a new stereotype - dumb brunette. (why should it be restricted to blonde?) She favours pretty, girly stationery - bubblegum pink and baby blue. Her counterparts favour navy and red. (fluffy, insipid) Her nails are always… Continue reading Claws

What Are You On About?

I've never been a fan of the deep dark secret. I always find that in books, they tend to be revealed as pretty anti-climatic - at least, in young adult fiction. Which, I confess, I do still read. Hey, I want to be a novelist, probably for young adults - I should know what's out… Continue reading What Are You On About?

Nine Secret Subliminal Messages

Sent or Unsent, Spoken or Unspoken 1. I write things in my blog that are specific, on the off chance that you might decide to take a gander and read it: thereby understanding. Even if it means I have to twist and shape my ideas and thoughts to do it, even if you have no… Continue reading Nine Secret Subliminal Messages