season + easter + unravel

summer has shifted into cool autumn, turning chilly and stormy in the blink of an eye, just minutes from steady sunshine.   easter arrives with dull grey clouds and sheeting rain battering the roof. looks like a good day to stay indoors with books and coffee.   thin foil wrappings are unravelled by deft fingers… Continue reading season + easter + unravel


mixed seasons

the weather is indecisive. rain lashes at the roof even as the sky eases up, blue peeking through. five minutes later the temperature has dropped noticeably. it's good weather for a hot drink. every morning is crisp, clear blue sky and grass trimmed with light patches of frost. it's indecisive - can't seem to pick… Continue reading mixed seasons

the illusion

it catches me totally unaware. eyes carved from night sky, it is the first yet. hours lost to the study of something that's purely imagined. the second is equally subtle, written in autumn and winter. days now are lost here analyzing things better left alone. last is a favourite memory, by turns wistful and reminiscent.… Continue reading the illusion

Autumn Thoughts

It's closer to summer than autumn here - we have the wacky schedule of seasons which puts Christmas in summer. I've never had a 'pumpkin spice latte', it sounds very bizarre. Call me boring, but if I'm going to have a flavoured latte I prefer traditional flavours such as vanilla. Caramel if I'm being really crazy.… Continue reading Autumn Thoughts


I was pretty much ambivalent about returning to school.I used to get really excited about going to classes and learning things; it was the people that made me nervous. Sometimes there would be a new teacher, who I didn't know. Other times it would be the same teacher, and that could be good or bad.Now… Continue reading Ambivalent

New Season’s Greetings Postponed

I laughed when I looked at today's Daily Prompt. It asks about the changing seasons. In my corner of the world, the calendar declares it to be spring. Spring is the warm-up act to summer, the prelude. However, Spring has yet to grace us. Winter is clinging on, bitterly and stubbornly. I believe the season… Continue reading New Season’s Greetings Postponed