Flash Fiction July, 18 Here is your hammer and chisel; over there, you will find a slab of marble. You may begin. It's remarkable, isn't it? It's deeply plain, such a perfect blank canvas for you to start making your mark upon. It's ready when you are; oh, I can see the thoughts as you… Continue reading Unwavering

Third Time Lucky

Ernie straightened his spine, standing tall over the worktable after two solid hours leaning over. His back hurt, a dull ache from staying still so long, and his eyes were bleary.  The little block of wood beside the knife and chisel appeared to be more of a mangled wreck, looking for all the world as if… Continue reading Third Time Lucky

to sculpt

solitude arrives.carve a likeness into marble andremain devoted, worshipful.don't get attached, this is a dream, not reality.superimpose life on the statue and curse your imagination.strive for the unreachable,it's never enough.the statue breathes andit's time to test expectations.maybe this will work,maybe it won't.solitude departs.

Immortalizing Me

I was going to go to the last month of my life for the sculpture. Then I had a better idea. If I'm being sculpted by Michelangelo, there's clearly some time-travel going on. So, I time-travel to November 2012. What happened during this time, you may ask. I, along with countless others, took part in… Continue reading Immortalizing Me


She combs on mascara Tilting her head this way and that. Smudge of dark eyeliner, appreciate how Skin seems to pale in contrast. Shimmer of gloss Fuss with hair, tugging, trimming strays Smoothing into place. Add hand-cream, Touch up nail polish. This is morning routine. She blames society, half-heartedly, for seductive Shelves of glossy cosmetics… Continue reading Sculpture