response to this challenge. They call it prestige. My friends - though I don't truly call them my friends - and I are handpicked, were selected years ago and cycled into a rotation. Each year we perform exams, swallowing chunky, chalky vitamin supplements to see ourselves through, downing sugar-free energy drinks at night and black coffee… Continue reading Patina


I was pretty much ambivalent about returning to school.I used to get really excited about going to classes and learning things; it was the people that made me nervous. Sometimes there would be a new teacher, who I didn't know. Other times it would be the same teacher, and that could be good or bad.Now… Continue reading Ambivalent

History’s Teachings

Oh jeez. Are we really going there, now? It's technically a Friday night and I have to pick a teacher from history? Anyone who ever lived?I'm going to do the classic cop-out here, so please forgive me. I don't choose one. It's very difficult to pick just one person out of several hundred years of history. I read… Continue reading History’s Teachings

Watching Them Watch Them

It's Friday morning and you're sitting on a bench outside the classroom block. It's one of those days that doesn't quite know which season it is: it has the clear sky of summer and the brisk chill of winter.You're reading, an old habit. These Friday mornings are their own sort of at-school calm, because the… Continue reading Watching Them Watch Them