centre + secret + burn

bury a secret in the centre of the garden - plant a tree on top.   burn a candle each night, use the wick to spark flames in the new fireplace.   cut wood from the tree, burn it and start to unmask the garden's secret.

sweat + heat + glitter

muggy summer's day, humid to the going rate: one hundred percent.   sweat under twenty- six degrees of heat, small fan on two feet of books.   iced drinks flow from the fridge, condensation glitters under the harsh sun.

eye + fade + seriousness

the photo's faded, lain under glass for twenty years, still not perfect.   it used to draw the eye, once. nowadays it gets a glance; skimmed over.   it's lost some of its gravitas - all that remains is seriousness.

flow + tear + oversight

paper spills from the printer, drawn in, flipped over and redone.   more paper flows, snags and jams - tears when trying to yank the pages back out.   oversight: paper trays don't make good hiding spots for untold secrets.

car + coast + shine

the car shines under early-morning sunlight, aimed towards the next coast.   map's at the ready and a bag of snacks wait in the passenger seat.   start up the engine, drive into the sunset and write a travel log.