Making Plans

"We should do something to commemorate your birthday. It's coming up soon, isn't it?""Well, it is, but you know I'm not big on celebration." She frowns at him, digs her nail into the table and leaves a small scar that blends in with the grainy design of the wood."Eighteen is important. You'll be a legal adult.""Fine.… Continue reading Making Plans

A Tale in Three Parts

Part 1 of 3."One day we could go camping. Make a weekend of it."She looks blankly back at him, not quite confused but leaning towards puzzled. "You know, tents. Campfires. Sleeping bags. Or have you never been camping before, city girl?" He reaches over and tugs a stray piece of her hair, surreptitiously taking in her… Continue reading A Tale in Three Parts

Uneven Power

He opens up What goes on in his mind? He tells her: now she knows She knows what he wants Counteracts him with her subtle arguments. He says they can take things slow Move at her pace He doesn’t know it but He wants her more. She knows it. She has no idea how to… Continue reading Uneven Power