All By Myself

I don't believe in having a best friend.I probably did, in my younger years, but I've since decided not to. This is partly because the best-friend thing was problematic in high school; my group sort of alternated at will. More than this though, is that I dislike holding one person in higher regard than others. In… Continue reading All By Myself

Trilogy, Part 3

The campfire crackles as he puts a new log in place, trying to catch the spark and create a larger fire. A few metres away she checks the tent, making sure it's all secure. That done, she silently appears behind him, watches him add kindling and small logs to the fire."It's kind of caveman-like, isn't… Continue reading Trilogy, Part 3

what exactly is this

hey.I think I miss you:it's entirely possible.the thing is, I don't quite knowif I do or've been replaced, you see.eight months on and somewherealong the line I found a new don't feature anymore.I remember, dimly, you andthe things you said.that's where it ends.facebook, twice a month(weak-willed) scaled down to once ingod-knows how long.I… Continue reading what exactly is this

Cards on the Table

You are far more honest than I am. You know what - or whom - you want. I wish I could say the same. You are open; I am secretive. I guard myself with steel doors and reinforced gates. You do not, but you should. I guard against you, unwilling to risk or concede any… Continue reading Cards on the Table


She reads the message. Really, she's not surprised. She's been expecting this for Weeks now. It stings a bit but is not the crushing hurt she thought. She anticipated hurt would pierce It's icy way through her heart. It never does. The pain is not like last time When one of the culprits was Her… Continue reading Numb


She combs on mascara Tilting her head this way and that. Smudge of dark eyeliner, appreciate how Skin seems to pale in contrast. Shimmer of gloss Fuss with hair, tugging, trimming strays Smoothing into place. Add hand-cream, Touch up nail polish. This is morning routine. She blames society, half-heartedly, for seductive Shelves of glossy cosmetics… Continue reading Sculpture

It’s The 21st Century, I Love You

My perception of relationships nowadays involves a heavy dose of technology. This is, after all, the twenty-first century. Originally when I saw this post I had ideas of a short story, but a rescan of the prompt saw me thinking about the social media side. Social media is something I use a fair bit. 'I'm… Continue reading It’s The 21st Century, I Love You

Winter Solitude

Rain sheets down from Dull gray skies. The sky matches his mood Rain a substitute for tears Since she left. The weather picks up on his mood By default, solitary and lonely. It is perfect weather to stay indoors and Sit by a warm fire - all the cliches that She enjoyed when she was… Continue reading Winter Solitude

Uneven Power

He opens up What goes on in his mind? He tells her: now she knows She knows what he wants Counteracts him with her subtle arguments. He says they can take things slow Move at her pace He doesn’t know it but He wants her more. She knows it. She has no idea how to… Continue reading Uneven Power