amused + capers + irate

seventeen chapters through, and the doorbell goes off: almost irate now.   tall stack of books by the bed keep you amused at any time of day.   various capers run through the pages, until the book is closed; done.

carry (400)

the books are heavy, stacked awkwardly into her arms and balanced somewhere at mid-neck. she holds them stiffly, balancing her body into tiny steps and if she moves her arm she's sure her elbow will crack. she carries a tote bag that once had been looped over her shoulder, though the straps gave up the fight… Continue reading carry (400)

luxury + hope + up

unwrap stack of books: hope this one will speak to you. time to start reading.   time is luxury - stolen moments hidden and jealously guarded.   look up obscure reference: screenshot it and come back later (when?).

Interlude: Faux Landlords, Studying the Universe

The books began arriving in late May, for no apparent reason. They were always hand-delivered, as far as I could tell - there was nothing to indicate that they had been shipped, and every one of them was wrapped in plastic bags, plastic boxing. Anything, it seemed, to protect them from the elements while they… Continue reading Interlude: Faux Landlords, Studying the Universe

The Choice

At first glance this seemed like a difficult choice.... And then I read it properly. I'd definitely pick writing my own blog over reading others' - no offense, you guys, but here's how it works: my brain is a bit like a hamster on one of those wheels, running around and around and around and... If… Continue reading The Choice

Literary Rain

Me, a reading dry spell? Good luck with that. You see, I basically read every day. Even if it's just a trashy novel, or a skinny paperback that I won't remember two years from now - I read. You'd probably do better to ask what book I read yesterday (or today, actually, time is plentiful at… Continue reading Literary Rain

The Reading Corner

Okay, time for a confession. I buy loads of books, and haven't read them all. I have a bookcase crammed with the A to Z of classics: Aristophanes to Woolf. Most of them have gone unread. This is primarily due to the fact that while studying I didn't have a lot of time for reading. When… Continue reading The Reading Corner

Adored or Admired

Oh no, this is a question I've often asked myself. Widely popular or little known?Actually, I was thinking about this literally a few hours ago, so I guess the Daily Prompt people are telepaths.I don't know that I want to be a paperback writer; I would like my books to be a little more durable. Preferably in… Continue reading Adored or Admired

A Name For Myself

Well, this is tricky. I don't have a nickname and I can't see my name becoming an adjective . Let's go with my blog name then. tuckedintoacorner.It's a bit of a mouthful, especially with a suffix to make it mean something other than the blog where I write a lot. tuckedintoacornered? Okay, that sounds good,… Continue reading A Name For Myself

Guilty Pleasures

My no-apologies guilty pleasure is fanfiction. I discovered it several years ago, searching online for more information on an out-of-publication series. Soon enough I was sucked in to the delight that is fanfiction, and eventually reading it wasn't enough.  I began to catalogue my favourite series and novels and search out fics for them, and… Continue reading Guilty Pleasures