Blog Tour Review: A Mad Woman’s Voice

Synopsis: A Mad Woman’s Voice is just over 40 pages, and filled with the work of over 2 years of writing. This volume explores the act of finding one’s voice and realizing the ability to speak one’s truth. From coming out to exploring the death of loved ones, A Mad Woman’s Voice is a tiny peek… Continue reading Blog Tour Review: A Mad Woman’s Voice


amused + capers + irate

seventeen chapters through, and the doorbell goes off: almost irate now.   tall stack of books by the bed keep you amused at any time of day.   various capers run through the pages, until the book is closed; done.

Over Coffee (28)

If we were having coffee, I'd be sitting in the corner of the cafe where I'm least visible to passersby, and keeping an eye on the world in front of me. I'm reading Pygmalion today, despite the fact that I delved through approximately two dozen books before I found the one I wanted to read. I'm indecisive today,… Continue reading Over Coffee (28)

carry (400)

the books are heavy, stacked awkwardly into her arms and balanced somewhere at mid-neck. she holds them stiffly, balancing her body into tiny steps and if she moves her arm she's sure her elbow will crack. she carries a tote bag that once had been looped over her shoulder, though the straps gave up the fight… Continue reading carry (400)

luxury + hope + up

unwrap stack of books: hope this one will speak to you. time to start reading.   time is luxury - stolen moments hidden and jealously guarded.   look up obscure reference: screenshot it and come back later (when?).

Out of Pace

Okay, you guys. Daily Prompt time; I spent a bit too long knitting, (have begun a hat!) though in all fairness I was getting to grips with some fancy new stitchy-technique thing. I learned a new thing today. I don't dare interfere with time, be it slowing things down or speeding them up. Knowing my luck… Continue reading Out of Pace

Stellar and Lunar: 11 February

It's the weekend! Also, it isn't. We had another long weekend this past week, so my mind's gone a bit strange. I'm seeing timetables where they aren't. I also have that not-plan thing coming to pass, which is nice. More detail on that for the next Wildcard day, whenever that may be. Monday, if I don't… Continue reading Stellar and Lunar: 11 February