Day 136

I think it's Day 136 anyway. All I know is I have a headache encroaching and I'm technically still in recovery mode. Strictly speaking I probably shouldn't be on here at all right now, I should be curled up in bed. I have the self-taught habit however of daily blog posts. It's a whole thing… Continue reading Day 136


Changes in Routine

Well... it's a week into March. I'm beginning to find several things out about all the shenanigans I have planned. One, I apparently need to hyper-plan my day because otherwise I get lost down the internets rabbit-hole and then I get not a lot done. Two, I'm at my most inspired when I'm at work.… Continue reading Changes in Routine

A Computerless Day

I'm sick (again) so you get a Daily Prompt answer (again). Turns out I'm low on iron and there's some random little virus at home in my body. Hurray! Anyway. Once I stopped staring silently at the cursor, I tried to picture life without my computer. Here's a breakdown (no, not that sort) TV. Admittedly, not a big part… Continue reading A Computerless Day

Sticky Situation

Well, right now I consider this a sticky situation: my computer has kicked me out. I was happily working away, and then it kind of just went HA HA HA NOPE. I don't even have the BSOD, because it's just being flat-out annoying and I don't dare do too much lest it crash entirely. Also,… Continue reading Sticky Situation

Meandering Mondays

Okay. Alright. I got this. I'm not a nervous blogger. I don't need to pep-talk myself up before I post. I am, however, a person who runs off on tangents. I may have said recently that I was being Sensible and Logical about my novels. I've been planning it out, mapping out who and what… Continue reading Meandering Mondays

Enter August

Well, it's August. How the hell did that happen? I distinctly remember it was January about five minutes ago. My inspiration's dried up a bit - no, not dried but iced up. It's deeply annoying. I think I've spent so much time this week mapping out where to go from last year's NaNoWriMo project (three… Continue reading Enter August

A Time-Traveled About Page

Well, I did have a whole About Me blurb. It explained how I was still a Singleton, a la Bridget Jones. My future self was a lecturer, specializing in Chaucer. I moved to America seven years from now.Then I realized, in the middle of pondering quirky things... I don't know what the future holds. Besides that,… Continue reading A Time-Traveled About Page