Word Crush Monday: Rowling

Monday, and I'm not doing too well at the blog-daily thing. I should probably rework the schedule, but I forget. My mind is so cluttered lately, I sometimes think I should build a mind map or something. Build a mental house and make a library, or something. Cauldron Anthology has closed off submissions for the second… Continue reading Word Crush Monday: Rowling

Word Crush Monday: Wright

I'm not quite sure where the days are going. It's almost mid-July, and Christmas is racing up on us again. Today I speed-read through two skinny little eBooks, devouring ten-chapter mysteries and guessing correctly on one of them. The other, I had to consciously switch off my  brain. I also solved a code-breaker puzzle which… Continue reading Word Crush Monday: Wright

Word Crush Monday: Schumann

Today I'm plotting up real mischief. I was going to tell Twitter, but I think I'll hold off for another six months because what's mischief without suspense? I plotted, and two nights ago in the early hours I wrote the opening lines of a story and didn't touch pen to paper. Didn't touch fingers to keys.… Continue reading Word Crush Monday: Schumann

word crush monday: chanel

today i spent some time training my brain to improve memory. i've also had a very itchy eye, which is grating on me. i just spent ages wondering why my music wasn't playing and found iTunes being stubborn. no matter - there's good noise again. i've been conjuring up poems, and semi-writing them in my… Continue reading word crush monday: chanel

word crush monday: christie

this morning i ushered in monday writing a new poem and so here i sit, writing a poem about writing a poem. i researched economics for a poem, and cycled through a dozen songs on youtube so i don't have to buy them. later, i made insta-pasta and thought about all the gaps that i… Continue reading word crush monday: christie

Word Crush Monday: Don Marquis

I've been a little less inspired the last few days, though I did conjure up a book review, so that'll be here next week. This weekend I've been avidly drawing books through my bloodstream and came up with a new story idea; I fleshed it out really well on my phone, so I guess it's… Continue reading Word Crush Monday: Don Marquis

Word Crush Monday: Shakespeare

I'm late writing this, sort of. I got sidetracked being woefully unchallenged by tonight's German practice - I'm beginning to wonder if I should be putting more emphasis on books and movies, trying to decipher them instead. Also, there was an apple turnover involved. Quote for the week comes from Shakespeare: Listen to many, speak to… Continue reading Word Crush Monday: Shakespeare